Atento Express takes care of the transportation of your company bags to branches and understands that term and agility are extremely important in this segment.

That is why we work in a dedicated way, so delays and losses do not occur.

Check the advantages of contracting Atento Express to take care of the transportation of the bags of your company:

Mapped in an optimized way reducing costs and avoiding delays.

Your bag is tracked from the collection to the delivery, providing information of risk areas, accidents, or possibility of theft.

We operate in a customized way according to your agreement, after all, every customer has a different need, whether it is full time, sporadic, dedicated or shared.

Through bags separation automation, confirming the origin and destination, a registration is generated in the system, so everything is digitally archived, and can be easily consulted. Whenever and wherever you need.

Tracking, online access to the system, scanned and archived documents for further consultation, platform with access to varied reports. Technology is fundamental at Atento Express.

Atento Express owns a new and complete fleet, composed of several models of vehicles, perfect for fast transportation. All own vehicles have a satellite control and tracking system, aggregating safety and agility on information transmitted to customers.

According to your need and demand. Shall we talk?

Learn more about the best mail bag transportation service

If you want ease and safety to execute your deliveries, you are at the right place. Atento Express offers the best cost-benefit in logistics and cargo transportation services in the country! Mail bags transportation market is growing more and more to meet different business sectors demand. To execute this service, it is necessary that professionals are qualified and committed. That is because any carelessness or wrong handling of product during the dispatching may compromise the image of your brand before the customer. In order you do not have problems regarding loss of products, you need to contract a reliable carrier! For transportation of medications, which are essential products, or even to execute the reverse logistics process in your company, mail bag care is fundamental. When this process is appropriately executed, it counts for tightening the relationship between the consumer and the seller. Atento Express, which is on the market for over 15 years, offers safety and speed that you need to improve your deliveries. Having a variety of vehicles equipped with location system, it provides easier and safer communication with the customer! Do you want your deliveries to be executed in a safe and quick way? Do not waste time! Contract Atento Express services!