Either on the way or on the way back, whether air or road, we always deliver your cargo within the established term.

Check the reverse logistics benefits to your company

Do you want a closer relationship between your brand and the customer? Atento Express offers a reverse logistics service which is perfect to make the purchasing experience in your company even better. So, as for delivery, the reverse process must also be done easily and quickly regarding online purchases. Making the after purchasing experience pleasant shall increase your company credibility. Atento Express provides mail bags collection in any region in the country. Furthermore, all vehicles have a satellite tracking system, allowing the information on the returning progress to be monitored in real time. All that always aiming the quickness, agility, and safety in the process. In addition to offering the best cost-benefit in all services provided, from the mail bag transportation to the medications transportation.. Do you want to learn more about our services? Stay with us and choose the best option for your company!